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Dealers Wanted

We are looking for dealers in new territories to promote and sell our water heaters. With our durable non-metallic tank, proven materials and advanced manufacturing methods, Marathon heaters have a higher selling price; however, they provide a significant opportunity for market leaders, who recognize the value of products which are environmentally friendly, designed for longer life and the lowest cost of ownership …products with the potential to generate more profit and greater customer satisfaction.

Because of the long history of conventional glass lined steel water heaters, many traditional outlets think of water heaters as being a low cost item that will need to be replaced every 7 to 10 years. Many do not have the trained staff to explain that water heaters having a higher purchase cost and a low cost of operation are the best value, because the cost of purchasing the energy to operate them, over the life of the product, is the much larger part of the equation. As a result, many traditional outlets for water heaters don’t offer Marathon.

At Marathon we don’t make water heaters with six-year tank warranties, or ten-year tank warranties. We only build the Marathon, with “a tank warranted not to leak, for as long as the purchaser owns their home.” This provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who recognize the value Marathon. If you see yourself as a market leader, we would like to talk with you!

Dealer Requirements

The following is a list of requirements for becoming a Marathon dealer:

  • A Tax ID number, business license (if required in your area) and insurance
  • Credit worthiness to purchase on open account
  • Retail and/or appliance sales/service experience
  • Market and product visibility to enable active promotion of the Marathon
  • Ability to purchase a minimum of 15 heaters per order ($5000 to $7500)

If you are a plumbing contractor, you can purchase Marathon heaters through the nearest plumbing wholesale distributor offering either Rheem or Ruud branded water heaters. (Our parent company is Rheem Manufacturing Company, the manufacturer of the Rheem and Ruud brands of steel water heaters). Because shipping is a significant part of the cost of water heaters, sourcing your Marathon through a wholesale distributor who purchases in full truckloads will provide you with their volume advantages.

We also have a number of regional wholesale distributors we can recommend. For assistance in sourcing Marathon, the world’s premier water heater, contact us for more information.