From Concept to Reality

It started as a simple idea nearly 25 years ago…
How can we build a water heater that will last a lifetime?

Based on the success of plastic tanks used for over 30 years in the water softening industry, the idea took form. Originally branded as "Project X", the concept was developed with three important goals:

  • Build a water heater that can have a true lifetime warranty
  • Manufacture a highly energy efficient water heater
  • Keep it "installation friendly" by having it lightweight and easy to connect

The unique water heater took form and in 1987 the Marathon® water heater was born.

The Marathon water heater is manufactured by Water Heater Innovations, Inc. at our state-of-the-art plant in Eagan, Minnesota.

Today, Water Heater Innovations, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rheem Manufacturing Company, the world leader in innovative water heating products. At Water Heater Innovations, our products include Marathon water heaters, storage tanks and commercial units. We have maintained the original vision by making our products with the longest design life, best warranty and one of the highest efficiency ratings available.

Water Heater Innovations is unique in the water heater industry. We sell only one thing — one of the best possible water heaters.

We believe you should only have to buy one water heater. Because it is the only water heater you will buy, it should be as technologically advanced as we can make it, offering a combination of efficiency, environmental friendliness and durability. We look at it as a long term relationship… even if you buy just one Marathon.